Changing Gears

This year has been a booger. My life – both personally and professionally – has been a jigsaw puzzle, a convoluted jumbled mess of life, death, tragedy and triumph for several months now.

Now, with the warmer days and sunlight returning us to the season of spring – my home, my soul and holding my breath in my lungs (without being aware) is also returning to a more natural, relaxed state.

I am proud to announce, after changing my mind and changing gears, I am in active pursuit of something, a little more challenging perhaps, in my career. Which could prove a risky business move (commission based still independent contractor), considering my historical preference, and my emotional deep need for home, family and domestic security.

For more than 20 years, I have been tied to a desk: answering telephones, managing facilities and personnel, working with people and offering exceptional customer service and support services all the while. But I need change, and in the true nature of life’s wonderful experience, I have manifested change in my life, yes as a result of being subjected to another human being and living with the consequences of their decisions.

My newest adventures will finally allow for real potential for, and possibility of, working less and playing more (ideally with my children).

In addition, exploring the concept of myself realizing financial security is mindboggling in a way. Maybe just so far beyond reality that I can’t even grasp the concept.

Please accept my sincere appreciation and apology for taking leave (and absence). I look forward to our future!