Making the Connection

On this night, just a moment ago, Peace found me.
Worries of yesterday floated away with a breeze.
Tomorrow promises nothing, if more than appearance.
Love holds no boundaries among the living.

Whispered kisses, honey sweet, fill the air around me.
Held gently in comfort, protected by Saints.
A child of sunshine, of moonlight, of stars.
Patrons of humanity, honored by love for us all.

Golden waves of silence, joyful splendor within.
Aromatic pleasures awaken the senses with love.
Musical rhythms delight in a soulful dance.
Our spirit shares no bond with material things.

Safely guarded by Angels sent expressly for me.
Disguised character dares not enter here.
Joyful and blessed are precious moments like these
Physically lighter on Earth, spiritually anchored above.

Universal connections explode in rainbows of light.
Transcending dimensions in parallels of flight.
Soaring evermore upward from quiet within.
Momentum served only by pure love and intention.

On this night, Peace found me resting quietly nearby.
Songs become sweet when mindfulness evades.
Happiness sought after, found in a single heartbeat.
Understanding the silence, listening for it, is truly magical.

Honor holds me to believing in all things beautiful in life.
Love is the vessel for making the magic happen.

P.C. Shoffner – ©2011

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