Changing Gears

This year has been a booger. My life – both personally and professionally – has been a jigsaw puzzle, a convoluted jumbled mess of life, death, tragedy and triumph for several months now.

Now, with the warmer days and sunlight returning us to the season of spring – my home, my soul and holding my breath in my lungs (without being aware) is also returning to a more natural, relaxed state.

I am proud to announce, after changing my mind and changing gears, I am in active pursuit of something, a little more challenging perhaps, in my career. Which could prove a risky business move (commission based still independent contractor), considering my historical preference, and my emotional deep need for home, family and domestic security.

For more than 20 years, I have been tied to a desk: answering telephones, managing facilities and personnel, working with people and offering exceptional customer service and support services all the while. But I need change, and in the true nature of life’s wonderful experience, I have manifested change in my life, yes as a result of being subjected to another human being and living with the consequences of their decisions.

My newest adventures will finally allow for real potential for, and possibility of, working less and playing more (ideally with my children).

In addition, exploring the concept of myself realizing financial security is mindboggling in a way. Maybe just so far beyond reality that I can’t even grasp the concept.

Please accept my sincere appreciation and apology for taking leave (and absence). I look forward to our future!

Making the Connection

On this night, just a moment ago, Peace found me.
Worries of yesterday floated away with a breeze.
Tomorrow promises nothing, if more than appearance.
Love holds no boundaries among the living.

Whispered kisses, honey sweet, fill the air around me.
Held gently in comfort, protected by Saints.
A child of sunshine, of moonlight, of stars.
Patrons of humanity, honored by love for us all.

Golden waves of silence, joyful splendor within.
Aromatic pleasures awaken the senses with love.
Musical rhythms delight in a soulful dance.
Our spirit shares no bond with material things.

Safely guarded by Angels sent expressly for me.
Disguised character dares not enter here.
Joyful and blessed are precious moments like these
Physically lighter on Earth, spiritually anchored above.

Universal connections explode in rainbows of light.
Transcending dimensions in parallels of flight.
Soaring evermore upward from quiet within.
Momentum served only by pure love and intention.

On this night, Peace found me resting quietly nearby.
Songs become sweet when mindfulness evades.
Happiness sought after, found in a single heartbeat.
Understanding the silence, listening for it, is truly magical.

Honor holds me to believing in all things beautiful in life.
Love is the vessel for making the magic happen.

P.C. Shoffner – ©2011

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My Social Love Affair

100_2024“Money and Success is now following you…”

While scanning through my email in box yesterday, the phrase shown above caught my attention. I read through it a few times, my mind filled with purpose and intention. The words and I shared a brief exchange, a romantic interlude – Law of Attraction style – right there on the living room vision board.

I imagined briefly the myriad possibilities, wanton hopes and fanciful thoughts, allowing myself to fully experience the moment the universe would manifest its plan for us. As I read those words again now, they are just as satisfying and delicious as they were then.

Opening the email revealed the true meaning of it. Curiosity – and that poor, cute little fuzzy cat.

“Money and Success is now following you [on Twitter]”

I had to giggle and if my wide Cheshire grin was any indication, I had eaten a la petite curious cat for lunch.

Still invigorated by the heat and lingering aroma of sweat from my afternoon love affair, I realized that the universe had bestowed a gift upon me.

The day before had been an extremely long day, filled with one personal challenge after another. My goal was to educate myself in other Social Media applications and merge them into my new life as a freelance professional. Now “Virtually Self Employed” I felt the need to explore new areas of Social life and experience the culture. So I forced myself out into the world with the intent to play the field a bit.

LinkedIn and I met a couple of weeks earlier. Initially, I found myself bored and unsatisfied, running back into Facebook’s arms at every turn. But after getting to know one another I found myself appreciating who he is at the core and the purpose he serves. LinkedIn, Facebook I visit often and the three of us a have integrated nicely.

After putting on some fancy clothes and tightening my belt, I got right down to business with WordPress. I had read somewhere that building a relationship with a website or blog would make an honest woman out of me and I would quickly climb the ranks in Google. It took a while to make it the magic happen, but hit the dashboard running. WordPress and I happily bonded and we are expecting the arrival of our first domain any day.

Then I met Twitter. Life moved quickly at a downward angle after he forced me to sell myself a thousand times over, one click at a time. I was not able to satisfy that Social beast. It was so exhausting. After a Twitter Tantrum nuclear meltdown and humiliated after throwing a Twit right there in the middle of our Tweet, my hands flew up in defeated surrender. Battered, bruised and torn, I Twit and I left. And after cooling off and a short separation, Twitter and I worked through our differences and got the job done.

I realize now why my attraction was so strong with email. After reconsidering my history with Twitter, I needed to see those words to realize it had been worth the effort. I know now that the affair with email was born of fantasy, not from my heart.

I am grateful for the lesson and experience and can now appreciate the message the universe was sending to me.

P.C. Shoffner – ©2013

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Finding My Voice Again (at age 42)

Finding My Voice Again (at the age 42)

I refer to this image often, almost daily, to serve as a spiritual mantra; a daily reminder to live life beautifully, empowered and alive; ablaze with creativity and eloquent simplicity; to honor myself and others with equal consideration; maintain an attitude of gratitude and volunteer in humble servitude; honor true love with passionate attention, sprinkled with the spice of spiritual purpose, and embrace fully all the wonderful, delicate aromas and flavor life has to offer.

My first blog entry, ever! Not bad…

P.C. Shoffner – ©2013

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