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Virtually Celebrating 100 Fans

Virtually Self Employed opened for business Oct. 2, 2013.

Patricia Shoffner, Owner and Executive Virtual Assistant brings more than 20 years professional career experience in business and office administration, management, bookkeeping, computer information systems, customer service and support.

A milestone achievement for VSE, as fans of the page hit 100 on Monday.

“I had hoped to reach 100 in the first month, however, I am not disappointed. We met our target goal merely 2 days beyond the mark. I am more than pleased with the numbers.”

Virtually Self Employed has been busy, providing client services as well as branding the name, domain, WordPress blog and several other social media channels, professional networks, and digital media outlets.

Virtually Self Employed would like for you to consider the following when you’re unsure of your needs or question value of service.

Ask yourself a few simple questions, then decide:

  • How much is my time worth? The average rate to hire a Virtual Assistant is $20-$40 per hour?
  • The average Virtual Assistant can type 70-90 words per minute. How well do you type?
  • Can you afford to hire a Virtual Assistant? Can you afford not to? Consider the following:
  1. Amount of time it will take you (you know, the time you already  don’t have)
  2. Amount of energy it will take to get it done (exhausted at the end of the day)
  3. Equivalent costs (supplies, paper, ink, overhead, wages or equivalent, taxes, insurance, general liability, etc.)
  • Projects are serviced off-site, rarely an imposition for you or your staff
  • Qualified, skilled professionals often complete project tasks in less time, and still cost less than a regular or temporary employee
  • Virtual Assistants own their own equipment, hardware, software, machines, and supplies
  • V.A.’s experience, knowledge, frequent practice and skills repetition is constantly maintaining and improving, tasks often are complete and back in your hands professionally prepared, prompt attention and quick turn around time (TAT), almost hassle-free
  • Clients rarely incur expenses outside the scope of project contract, very few exceptions to the rule do exist, depending on services
  • Client pays for hours specific to your project, not coffee, lunch or restroom breaks
  • Virtual Assistants pay their own payroll taxes, health insurance and workers compensation. In 2014, new legislation, crucial to your business, goes into effect.

“In honor of our clients, fans, supporters and cheerleaders, Virtually Self Employed, along with Patricia Shoffner, express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation. Thank you.”

Patricia Shoffner  © 2013

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Article Writing & Marketing Insights

418733_3268018033480_1218417195_nI am letting my geek flag fly! Great resource for content writing, editing, grammar and more.

Article Writing & Marketing Insights – EzineArticles Blog

About Me: Doing What I Love

In 2002 I read a book that was so poorly written, I picked up a pen and started writing – hell bent and purpose driven to prove I could write better than “Lisa” whatever her name was.

I’ve always enjoyed writing,and when my husband Robby and I learned we were expecting our third child, my focus shifted. I left the jobligation. The opportunity to raise my children at home  was something I’d never dreamed I’d have.

During that time, to make a little play money, I began working from my home as Professional Client Services – a virtual Bookkeeping, Payroll and Administrative contractor who provided various  services independently. Now, that was cool! To stay home, take care of those needing care (my family) and give care to those needing help (my clients). It was fabulous.

That was nearly 10 years ago. The next four years I spent at home, then when the youngest started kindergarten, I spent another year looking for work. The last four as the Visitor Center Coordinator with the Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce, and now I am home again.

Unless an employer advertises an extremely lucrative opportunity that includes health insurance for my family and retirement benefits for me, I am going to give Virtual Assistance another go. This time with the added benefit of high-speed internet, virtual social and professional networks and opportunity to succeed at warp speed. My children are growing quickly and I just want to do what I love – work when I want to, provide for my family, write great pieces, and make enough money to end my husband’s worry and fill the fridge with food.

Virtually Self Employed (catchy isn’t it) provides Virtual Assistance & Computer Administration services. With more than 20 years professional career experience in business and office management, bookkeeping, and computer systems administration, you can expect exceptional results, efficient service, one eye focused on accuracy and the other on your satisfaction. You can contact me at

Now that I have published my blog, my writing conscience wants to explode, chomping at the bit, waiting to unleash itself. So who knows what will happen next. Will my writing reveal epic failure, deliver delicious short stories, express a crazed brain full of weird or fanciful ideas? Will I someday publish that secret work of fiction (a novel idea) that sits unfinished in my office?

Either way, I am moving forward!

If you care to, please offer feedback below. I would like to know if my writing moves you or needs critique. I am looking to grow tomorrow beyond the boundaries of who I am today. Thank you for visiting.

Patricia “Tish” Shoffner

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